This is the most up to date information on the international championships. Because the impact of the virus is not predictable and changes every day, no one is able to provide any certainty on arrangements for any trip until you arrive back in the UK after the event. Everyone, therefore, needs to make their own risk assessment for each event and make a personal decision on whether to attend and when to book their arrangements. Neither the BMAF, nor any Team Manager or Official who might accompany a trip, can accept any responsibility for any of your personal arrangements.   It is suggested that you need to consider the following but note that there may be other factors that your personal circumstances warrant considering.

Health risks  

Are you prepared to accept the risk to your personal health, taking into account your own susceptibility to the virus throughout the trip. That includes the journey, transport during your stay, accommodation and eating arrangements, during the competition, and should any unanticipated lockdown occur either during your stay or in the UK requiring you to extend your stay or go into quarantine.

Financial risks

Are you prepared to accept the possible loss of some or all of your money as a result of an unexpected cancellation or incur additional costs to cover medical care not covered by insurance, the need for a quick return or if your stay has to be extended because you cannot get back or you  have to go into quarantine either at the venue or in the UK.

Risk Mitigation  

You can reduce some but not all health risks by monitoring your health up until the time you depart and being prepared to pull out if you show the slightest symptoms and taking extra care during your trip.

It is possible to mitigate some financial risks through insurance but you should pay particular attention to what is covered and any Covid exemptions. You could choose to pay extra to secure cancellation rights for your transport or accommodation or alternatively, rather than self book, use   an ABTA travel agent where you might enjoy extra rights. Some mitigation could also come by leaving your booking until the very last moment when there might be more certainty but there is a likelihood that you may not be able to get the best deals.


The intention for the event to go ahead remains but there can be no guarantee. Registration is open and the local organising committee (LOC) webpage https://www.ema-madeira2020.com/ provides details. However, please note that final approval has not yet been given.  The requirements for the event that are stated are those that would apply in accordance with what the local health authorities would allow if the competition were to take place TODAY. They will be updated as local health authorities allow. If the current requirements are still in place, EMA would have to decide whether to approve the event. Assurances have been given by the LOC that the intention is for all ages to be able to compete under acceptable rules. Madeira has a good record of containing the virus and has just been added to the list of countries that the UK will allow you to travel to.  However, the UK still requires you to go into 14 days quarantine on your return. We just have to wait and see what happens both in Madeira and the UK.


Still scheduled to go ahead on the January dates but it will depend upon any restrictions that might apply at the time. There can be no guarantee. The intention is to make a decision in September but  we need to accept that decisions by health authorities and governments means a last minute cancellation is always going to be possible.


The LOC have offered the WMA the opportunity to switch the planned EMA Championships into a WMA championships. Provisional agreement has been reached but final approval by the WMA still has to be given. The numbers likely to attend are very different between a World and a European Championships and checks need to be made to ensure that the requirements for significantly more competitors can be met.  A decision is expected soon but that decision can only be in respect of Tampere’s ability to host the event. A decision on whether the event can go ahead because of any Covid restrictions will not be able to be made until nearer the time.

Basel -non-stadia 2022

Basel have withdrawn from hosting this event. Grosetto in Italy have, however, offered to replace them.

Ian Richards – BMAF Vice Chairman, Policy and International Affairs