The A to Z of how to get involved with the AGM

Want to get involved with the next AGM? READ ON…
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The AGM will take place at 10:30 am on Saturday 22nd August.

This is what will happen before the meeting:

  • All confirmed BMAF area club members should read this website news item for the AGM to understand how the virtual AGM will be conducted and then register for the meeting
  • Training will be available for anyone who has not used Zoom previously on how to join and participate in the meeting.
    Use the “AGM Join meeting” link you received after registration to attend one of the scheduled training sessions:
    Thursday 20th August at 2:00 – 2:30 pm
    Thursday 20th August at 6:00 – 6:30 pm
    Friday 21st August at 8:00 – 8:30 am
    Friday 21st August at 6:00 – 6:30 pm
  • All the documents required for the meeting will be published below so that you can read them in advance and submit questions you may have for the officers to the BMAF IT Manager. If there is not sufficient time to answer all questions in the time allotted during the meeting, then we will do our best to respond to you the following week.

1. Link for Registration to attend: click here.
Once anyone clicks on the registration link, they will be given the link for joining the AGM via Zoom after verification of their membership status in BMAF Opentrack. The last date for registration is Wednesday 19th August.

2. Agenda: here

3. Link to copy of last year’s minutes here

4. Link to a copy of new Constitution: here
and a copy of the current Constitution here

5. Link to a statement on the importance of the new Constitution: here

6. Links to Officers’ reports: here (coming)
(Merged for ease of printing, excluding the finance reports)

Arthur Kimber, President: here
Walter Hill, Chairman: here
Ian Richards, Vice-Chairman: here
Bridget Cushen, Honorary Secretary: here
Maurice Doogan, Track & Field Secretary: here (coming)
Walter Hill, Road Running Secretary: here
Mel James, Cross Country Secretary: here
Ian Richard’s Race Walking Secretary: here
Peter Kennedy, IT Manager: here
Brian Owen, Records Coordinator: here

David Oxland, Honorary Treasurer – BMAF Accounts up to 31/05/2020: here
Michael Hausler, BMAF Services Ltd Accounts up to 31 May 2020: here
Michael Hausler, BMAF Services Ltd Competition Profitability FY19-20: here

This is how the AGM will operate:

There will be a host in charge of managing the meeting from a technical perspective. Anyone who would consider helping with this work, please contact the BMAF IT Manager. No prior experience with Zoom is required but it would help for the host to be adept at handling multiple views on the computer at same time, ideally with a second large screen to view all the participants.

Everyone will be able to enter the meeting and chat amongst themselves until the appointed start time. The host will then mute everyone’s microphone and no one will be allowed to speak thereafter until asked to do so. Anyone wishing to speak will need to write their question in the Chat function or put their hand up electronically (via the Participants button). The meeting host will monitor this constantly and let the chairman know when someone’s turn to speak has come.

Instructions for use of Zoom on a computer or tablet/smartphone app are available: click here.

Questions to officers will either be entered via the chat function or spoken by the member when called to do so. These questions will be answered by the appropriate officer in the order received starting with those submitted in advance.

When the time comes to hold a vote, the host will display the proposal or the choice of candidates on screen as a Poll, and everyone can give their response in the next few minutes. The host will then close the poll and announce the result. Ad hoc polls can also be done; setting one up can done very quickly as long as the wording of the proposal and the possible responses are agreed.

The biggest problem we will have are those dialling in by phone. We want to accept such attendees, but this is only a fallback if you don’t have a suitable computer or tablet/smartphone to use. We will probably have to count the phone votes manually. We are not expecting to display any documents on the screen as this stops the host seeing most people. Instructions for joining by phone are given here. They include using your phone keypad as follows:
*6 – Toggle mute/unmute
*9 – Raise hand to speak

The meeting will be recorded in order to have accurate minutes of what was said.