Important information for all considering taking part

1. You must be a member of the British Masters Athletic Federation (BMAF) via one of the 11 regional clubs. Here are details of the area clubs.

2. You must specify the number of your BMAF club membership (not your UKA number) on the entry form in the format “BMAF club code” ” area club number” e.g. IOMVA 1234.  It also helps the eligibility checks if you can be consistent in the name you use.

3. Your BMAF club membership must be up to date when your entry is validated and you must still be a paid-up member when the competition starts. This will be verified with your membership secretary after you have entered. Your membership renewal is due at the same time every year!! So, get organised.

4. There is no “qualifying standard” for international masters competition. If you are 35 years of age or more, can afford the time and money to go, then you can represent your country. You must either hold a British Passport and be a British Citizen or be a permanent UK resident in order to compete. Details for confirmation of your country of allegiance in accordance with WMA rules are given here. A visa may also be required depending on the country. All 1st time competitors and those with dual nationality passports must send a copy of their passport to our International Entries Secretary Peter Duhig click to email for their eligibility to be checked. This is not however necessary, if the check was already done as part of joining your area club and the validation against  the passport details has been logged  in OpenTrack.

5. But, please remember that in international masters competition you are still competing for your country Great Britain (BMAF). Therefore, you must wear the appropriate British Masters kit – read here for more details.

6. For European championship events ensure your European health card is in date in case of accident. For competition in other continents it is advisable to have travel insurance that includes sports activities.

7. Your masters club should always go on your entry form. I/the LOC are not interested that you are a member of Tipton Harriers for instance, but, I do need to know that you are a member of Midland Masters AC (or whichever club it might be). Always put your masters club on any entry form (even if there isn’t a line specifically asking you for this).

8. The entry fees are calculated according to the number of events you enter for a particular competition, plus any optional extras that you choose.  However there will usually be an additional 10 euros included in the fees, in order to reimburse the BMAF for the administrative work related to validation of your eligibility and the cost of entering relay teams in all the age categories.

9. The official Travel Agent for BMAF tours abroad is:

Track & Field Tours Ltd, Ingatestone, Essex.
Tel: 01277 354 377

10. For any questions relating to TUE’s, Anti-Doping, what to do should you be randomly selected for a Doping Control Test etc. read the notes and watch the video provided here


Online entries are getting better all the time. But, you are often dealing with people that do things differently to us. Paper entries are not accepted for BMAF members.

1. READ all information available. There is always some on the BMAF Fixtures site.

2. Please enter early not late. Then if there are any problems you (and I) have plenty of time to sort them out. Do
not rush your online entry. Some of the sites that are being used are not that professional, therefore they can take more time to absorb your information. However, this is getting better every year.


4. ALWAYS put your Masters Club on the form.

5. ALWAYS ensure your membership is up to date at the time of entry.
If you are not affiliated when the competition starts you will not be able to compete.

6. Check your travel arrangements and Insurance.

7. Having entered online and had a confirmation by email, PLEASE REMEMBER any queries or alterations to your entry or information will come to you by email. CHECK YOUR EMAILS REGULARLY !!

If you have done all the above, there is absolutely no reason why you should get rejected from a championship.

Peter Duhig
BMAF Overseas Entries Secretary