In case you have read the latest Torun Report posted on the EMA website, let me quell some possible fears that may have arisen, from reading that report …

Written by Maurice Doogan on 16/01/2015

The LOC have been allowed to let non-European athletes enter this European Championship. Having raised concerns with this, when first muted and repeated following the posting, I have been ensured by the President that these non-Europeans will not prevent you from competing in any final, should you qualify by performance, for the final 6, 8 or other number of finalists, of that number of European athletes

Whilst writing I would advise you that if you are going to travel with PolskiBus, be aware you cannot book tickets after the 26th March at this time. I have tried for the last couple of weeks, so contacted Polskibus. The reason for the delay appears to be that new ‘summer’ schedules take effect from 27th March so those journeys will not be bookable for some time less than two months before that date. I would however suggest you book your out journey to Torun now, and book the return journey later. That way at least you know you can get there and at a cheap price.

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