BMAF Official Kit

The official retailer for BMAF kit is Sportswear Deals run by Vince Wilson. Most of the kit is produced by Ridgeway Textiles/Ronhill Sports and track suits are supplied by Kudos Sports.

For a full list of  items and the latest prices available in men’s and women’s styles please follow the links.

The transitional period where it was possible to wear either the old red, white and blue hooped vest or the new BMAF design vest came to an end in Perth 2016.  Now athletes may only wear either the vests produced by Ridge Way Textiles/Ronhill Sports, the BMAF’s current appointed supplier, or those sold by Zondo, the previous supplier.  It would be preferable if any GB athletes taking part in a medal ceremony wear the latest BMAF design competition vest, tee shirt, tracksuit or fleece.

The BMAF kit is available for trying on and purchasing through Vince Wilson, who will be attending the following events in the next few months:

Pictures of the kit appear on the Sportswear Deals website

For further information and contact details click here.