Mel Garland Long Jump at TorunMel Garland Long Jump at Torun

In Derby 26th – 28th July

Enter here before 13th July On Opentrack

Here is how Mel Garland came to be entering

For those who are not sure whether to enter the British Masters Track and Field Championships – we are going to feature some athletes who will share their reasons for competing.  Hopefully it will inspire lots more people to head to Derby at the end of July. Here is the third – from Mel Garland.

Unique, friendly, inclusive and supportive

Mel Garland Sprinitng at Lee Valley

If you are thinking about entering the British Masters Outdoors you won’t regret it. 

Masters athletes are unique, friendly & supportive and make you feel part of a very inclusive family.  I don’t know any other sport where you are  encouraged by fellow competitors during the competition with tips and advice on how to improve even if it means you run faster, jump higher/longer or throw further than the people who are helping you. 

If you are not sure how you will fit in or it’s a bit overwhelming initially rest assured you will be greeted and welcomed by other like minded people who are doing what you love, give it a go…

Mel Garland
Worcester AC