BMAF Roles

Below are various roles which help the smooth running of BMAF. All roles are voluntary and unpaid. Your location is generally not a problem. There may be more than one position available for any role.

You may have little experience and want to build your knowledge, or have lots of experience and would be comfortable doing it with no assistance. Alternatively there maybe areas not listed below that you have knowledge of that might benefit BMAF.

Use the link to the member of the BMAF Executive in the contact section if you are interested.

Role NameTeamRole DescriptionName(s)
BMAF Track & Field Officials SecretaryTrack & Field click to viewWendy Kane
BMAF Track & Field Communications OfficerTrack & Field click to viewJames Davis
BMAF Track & Field AdministratorTrack & Field click to viewMichael Hausler
BMAF Track & Field Competition AdministratorTrack & Field click to viewVacant
BMAF Track & Field Competition Entries CoordinatorTrack & Field PendingPatrick Crossan
BMAF Endurance Officials SecretaryRoad & Cross Countryclick to viewVacant
BMAF Endurance Communications OfficerRoad & Cross Countryclick to viewVacant
BMAF Endurance AdministratorRoad & Cross Countryclick to viewVacant
BMAF Endurance Competition AdministratorRoad & Cross Countryclick to viewDerek Jackson
BMAF Endurance Competition Entries CoordinatorRoad & Cross CountryPendingVacant
BMAF International Team Manager (Inc lead) T&FInternational Eventsclick to viewVacant
BMAF International Entries CoordinatorInternational EventsPendingVacant
BMAF IT Infrastructure AdministratorITclick to viewVacant
BMAF IT Media Platform AdministratorITclick to viewAdrian Essex
BMAF IT Support AdministratorITclick to viewAlex Rowe
Derek Jackson
John Fenton
BMAF Data Quality OfficerITclick to viewJohn Fenton
BMAF Data Protection OfficerITPendingJason Newell
BMAF Records CoordinatorITPendingCourtney Gunn
BMAF Membership Support OfficerITclick to viewVacant
BMAF Marketing OfficerMarketing & CommunicationsPendingHelen Allen
BMAF Email Communications SupportMarketing & CommunicationsPendingVacant
BMAF Social Media Communications SupportMarketing & CommunicationsPendingKim Weir
BMAF Company SecretaryCorporate SupportPendingVacant
BMAF Legal AdvisorCorporate SupportPendingWalter Nicholls
BMAF Services Company SecretaryFinanceclick to viewVacant
BMAF Finance OfficerFinancePendingSimon Ingall
BMAF Accounts AnalystFinancePendingVacant
BMAF AccountantFinancePendingHuw Roberts
BMAF Stock AdministratorFinanceclick to viewFelicity Russell