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Arthur Kimber
Peter Kennedy
Vice Chairman
Ian Richards
Hon. Secretary
Rob Lands
Hon. Treasurer
Alastair Kendrick
Secretary - Track & Field
Secretary – Road Running
Walter Hill
Secretary – Cross Country
Harry Matthews
Secretary – Race Walking
Chairman, England Masters Athletics Association
Harry Matthews
Head of Marketing & Communications
James Cooper
IT Manager
Glen Reddington
Chairman, BMAF Services Ltd
Martin Wilkinson
Finance Support (BMAF Services Ltd)
Shared role
Records Coordinator
Courtney Gunn
Competition Support (BMAF events)
Shared role
Entries Coordinator (WMA/EMA events)

Shared role
Newcomers & Membership Support
Shared role
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Shared Role Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash
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If you would like to contact any of the BMAF Officers directly please  use this form to send an email to the BMAF