Newcomers to the BMAF

Anyone over the age of 35 who wishes to compete in BMAF championships can do, subject to the condition that they have a UKA registration if they are resident in the UK.  You are free to do this if you are not yet ready to commit to joining a BMAF area club and wish to see how you get on.  The requirements for UKA registration still apply.  In England and Wales this means you have to belong to an affiliated club, not necessarily a masters club, whilst in Scotland and Northern Ireland, registrations are accepted directly.   

The steps to register with BMAF and enter a competition consist of the following:

1)  Provide limited personal information and contact details

2)  Login to BMAF OpenTrack and select the BMAF competition you wish to enter

If you are thinking about first becoming a member of an area club or just needing more information on what masters athletics is, you can instead use the form below to explain your position so that we can get the right person to talk to you.   

Overseas guest competitors are particularly welcome and there is no requirement for them to be registered to UKA.

If you are an overseas competitor (i.e. not resident in the UK and not a member of an athletics club in the UK) wishing to enter a competition, you can start the entry process as normal but when you reach the step asking for your club, you should provide the standard 3-character country code instead of the “club”. Your entry will be temporarily blocked as not registered with UKA but the competition secretary will unblock your entry to allow you to proceed with payment once you have confirmed your overseas status. 

Anyone competing in BMAF championships is entitled to win medals and other awards – refer to the specific rules of each competition.

Those who are not members of an area club are not eligible for some BMAF events nor to compete in the GB team in European and World Championships and so if you wish to be able to enter all BMAF and international masters competitions, as well as receiving a discount on your entry to BMAF competitions, you should consider joining one of the BMAF area clubs/regional associations listed here.

For guidance as a newcomer concerning the advantages of joining an area club or help with other issues related to the usage of OpenTrack, please contact the BMAF newcomers secretary for further support (use the form at the foot of the page). 

For specific instructions for the use of OpenTrack, refer to the BMAF OpenTrack User Guide


Please tell us your name
location where you reside permanently (if you do not live in the UK, but are member of a UK athletics club enter the location of that club)
Please Provide your email address so that we can get back to you.
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