Simple slide on IncorporationSimple slide on Incorporation

We have just over a month to this important meeting and everyone who is a member of a regional or home nation masters club or association can participate.

Things to decide

We have some important things to decide.

  • Should BMAF incorporate – become a company limited by guarantee? Your Executive committee believe this would go some way to future proofing the organisation and protect individuals volunteering as officers of the federation.
  • We need to approve the accounts for the year ended 31 May 2023 and set the affiliation fees that feed into your club membership fees.
  • We have to elect our Officers each year.

You can find all the AGM papers here.

Help, Nominations and Motions by 26th October

The Federation are always in need of additional help whether as officers of the federation or members of teams organising event or helping with our admin. If you can help contact our Chair Peter Kennedy.

Nominations and motions form clubs and associations must be with Rob Lands, BMAF Secretary by 26 October 2023.

We will publish the AGM Agenda and how to register for the AGM at the end of October.

Rob Lands, Secretary