The BMAF Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023



The AGM this year is an important one. Last year the AGM voted overwhelmingly to continue making progress towards incorporation. This year the meeting will vote on the proposal to incorporate.

Item 4 on the Draft Agenda is:

  • Special resolution regarding incorporation of BMAF and winding up the Federation.

Supporting Documents for the 2023 AGM

Guidance on how to join the AGMGuidance on how to register to take part in the online AGMA comprehensive guide to taking part online in this important AGM, setting out how to register, how to take part in Zoom, and membership requirements.
The full and final Agenda (summarized on the right)The full AGM Agenda1. Welcome.
2. Apologies.
3. Minutes of last meeting.
4. Special resolution (incorporation)
5. Finance Report
6. Affiliation Fees
7. Questions
8. Election of Officers
9. Thanks
10. AOB
The 2023 Chairman's ReportThe Chairman's Report for 2023We have benefitted in the past from a few individuals devoting an enormous amount of the time and some of their own money to ensure success in each of the disciplines, but we have now reached the point where we can no longer depend solely on volunteers to make this happen. This year saw the start of paying the expenses of our international team managers, but this is intended to be funded by a small supplement all GB competitors have to pay when the entering EMA/WMA championships. It is fortunate that we pressed ahead with BMAF Services several years ago, without waiting for the BMAF incorporation to be completed, as this has given us the right structure to contract more of the work required to organise our events to third parties. We are in a strong financial position at present, but this will quickly change if we don’t continue to largely break even on most of our events.
Item 3 on the AgendaMinutes of the 2022 AGM
Some notes on Item 4 on the Agenda - Incorporation1. Notes and slides setting out reasons and implications of Incorporation
2. Draft 2 of the Articles of Association for BMAF Ltd
3. Some Incorporation questions Answered
4. Explanatory Notes on the proposed Articles of Association
Item 5 on the AgendaBMAF accounts for the 2023 AGMAs will be seen from the 2022/23 accounts, both BMAF and BMAF Services Limited reported a slight loss. We anticipate no decrease in overall costs next year and indeed it now appears essential to outsource some services, which will obviously push up our costs. This is due to the lack of volunteers and expertise as well as being due to too much work having to be handled by some existing volunteers.Whilst the committee is concerned that Affiliation fees, based upon £4 per member, may not be an adequate level in the future to cover all our annual costs, we currently have very satisfactory levels of reserves, reflected by high cash balances, and we can therefore afford not to request any increase in fees for 2024/25.
Item 6 on the AgendaNotes on Affiliation Fees for 2024/25
Item 8 on the AgendaSeveral Important vacancies remainFor details please see Peter Kennedy's invitation to the AGM. Invitation to the AGM
Kay Reynolds' Track and Field Report 2023Kay Reynolds' Track and Field Report 2023Farewell from Kay!
As this AGM will see me leave my role as BMAF Track & Field Secretary, I want to say what an absolute pleasure it has been to assist our athletes to achieve their competition goals on the track and field scene during the past few years I have been in this role. I have enjoyed it immensely and learnt a lot along the way too
Glen Reddington's IT ReportGlen Reddington's IT Report 2023BMAF still needs to identify users to fully utilise the likes of Getresponse through marketing and communication, and identify somebody who can co-ordinate the use of social media and cross posting. Hardware and software cost are low relative to the overall finances of BMAF but the outsourcing of competition administration, due to the lack of people to fill roles, is a big unknown.
Rob Lands' report as BMAF Secretary.Rob Lands' report as BMAF Secretary.I am offering myself for re-election as Secretary for the period to incorporation of BMAF should that be approved by the AGM.
Walter Hill's Road Race reportWalter Hill's Road Race reportWe have set up a Road Race service that requires a limited amount of volunteer help to promote BMAF Road Race Championships although marketing to all those over 35 years of age is still a concern which we are attempting to address. All the Championships so far this year have been a success.
Courtney Gunn's Statistics Report 2023Courtney Gunn's Statistics Report 20232023 was a bumper year for records, in particular, the track and field events. So far athletes have achieved no less than 119 BMA records across Track & Field (including relay’s), Multi-events and Road (including Walks). Of these, 25 were EMA records of which 15 were WMA records. On the road, there were 19 BMA records, 6 EMA records, one of which was also a world record, by Mo Farah!
Mel James' Final Report as Cross Country SecretaryMel James' Final Report as Cross Country SecretaryIt is fitting for myself being a Welshman, that [..] my final organised event as Cross Country Secretary, is in Wales. After enjoying some 14 years in the role, the time has arrived for me to stand down. I would like to thank all the BMAF Executive, that have supported me and of course all the athletes that have competed during my stint as secretary. Harry Matthews has understudied me for a few year’s and I hope that, as a natural successor, he is appointed to the role of Cross Country Secretary at the AGM.

Diolch, Mel James.
Martin Wilkinson's annual report and accounts for BMAF ServicesMartin Wilkinson's annual report and accounts for BMAF ServicesDuring the year, a written resolution to change the articles of association was approved by members bringing clarity to the non-profit nature of the company. The Federation moved towards incorpora8on as a limited company which, once agreed, may require a further revision of BMAF Services articles of association
Ian Richards Race Walking ReportIan Richards Race Walking ReportI have been the Race Walking Secretary for the last 12 years and, at 75, I feel it is time to let someone else to take over. If no one steps forward, with the help of two volunteers who have offered to assist, I shall continue until someone is found but without the Executive position. I am standing for the post of Vice Chairman to enable me to finish the work that needs to be done on incorporation. If elected I will remain on the Executive in that position. I have still to decide what role, if any, I might consider in the new company structure.
Michael Hausler's Marketing ReportMichael Hausler's Marketing Report Work was done to develop a marketing plan to increase the number of registered Masters Athletes. Registered Master athletes (via the Regional Masters Clubs) have stagnated at the 5,000 +/- 10% level over the last 10 years or so. In general, there is an increase in participation, particularly in non-stadium running, but we have not seen this increase reflected in our membership. A marketing plan to attract more masters runners/athletes is ready, when the organisation is ready for it. One small element of the plan was to have a single website, and this was
We are now able to reach non-registered masters athletes using a new agreement with OpenTrack. This was first used for the BMAF Open Road Relays. Our current software (GetResponse) reaches BMAF registered athletes only.
A number of discussions were held with potential sponsors and suppliers, but more work needs to be done on the value the BMAF can bring to any potential partner