Anti Doping

Clean Athletics

Clean Athletics is the new name of the UK Athletics department responsible for implementing the national anti-doping programme in athletics. The new name acknowledges that most athletes wish to comply with the rules and compete clean, and reflects the desire to focus efforts on supporting these clean athletes.

Prohibited Substances and Methods

The WADA Prohibited List is reviewed annually and athletes can easily check the current status of medications purchased in the UK (as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and the United States) using the “Global Drug Reference Online” database (

Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE)

The TUE procedures enable athletes to apply for approval of their use of substances and methods prohibited in sport which have been prescribed to them for legitimate, therapeutic use for the treatment of a medical condition.  Failure to correctly register the therapeutic use of a prohibited substance or method before competing may lead to a positive finding and result in disciplinary action.

Please refer to the following for guidance on how to correctly apply for a TUE:

Athletes selected to provide a sample for doping control should know what to expect during the sample collection process and fully understand their rights and responsibilities.  A short informative video which fully explains the process can be found here  Remember that a selected athlete has the right to be accompanied through the sample collection process by a representative of their choice (e.g. a Team Manager, Team Doctor, coach or even fellow athlete).

Further information

Please address any Clean Athletics-related queries to:

David Herbert (UKA Clean Athletics Manager)
Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham. B42 2BE

Mobile:                 07803 671978

Alternatively, anti-doping information can be found on the following websites: