Allan Leiper Hammer ThrowAllan Leiper Hammer Throw

In Derby 26th – 28th July

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Here is how Allan Leiper came to be entering

For those who are not sure whether to enter the British Masters Track and Field Championships – we are going to feature some athletes who will share their reasons for competing.  Hopefully it will inspire lots more people to head to Derby at the end of July. Here is the second – from Allan Leiper.

Allan’s thoughts on participation

When I was a much younger maturing athlete, I was never going to do that veteran thing! This is something many younger athletes think and feel however, in my experience, at the age of 45, I decided to have a little go at the masters section of our sport and I can honestly say, once a competitor, always a competitor, I truly haven’t looked back.

Over the past two decades, the British Masters Athletic Championships are not only one of the most important athletics events in my athletics diary but also great fun and something I greatly look forward to competing in, and has become a huge inspiration in my life. This annual event, both indoors and outdoors, exemplifies to me the timelessness of human potential and the relentless pursuit of athletic excellence regardless of age.

Resilience, dedication, community and support

Witnessing all my fellow competitors from diverse backgrounds from across the UK, each with unique stories of overcoming personal challenges and each of us just trying to do our very best has profoundly impacted my perspective on aging and athleticism. As a multi-eventer, these championships are more than just a series of races, jumps, and throws; it’s a true celebration of resilience, dedication and community. Over the years I’ve seen everyone of my fellow competitors, across all events, many of whom balanced careers, families, and training, demonstrate that passion and perseverance never wane with age. These champs are about commitment to successfully maintaining peak physical condition while pushing athletic limits. Everyday this motivates me to prioritise my overall health and fitness, understanding that at any age, it is never too late to set and achieve excellent new goals.

Moreover, the camaraderie, friendship and sportsmanship displayed at the British Masters Athletic Championships are truly heartwarming. The supportive environment at these champs where all competitors of any level cheer each other on, fosters a sense of pride, unity and shared purpose. 

Age is just a number

In essence, the British Masters Athletic Championships create a path of lifelong athleticism and is a constant reminder to me, that age is just a number, and sport is definitely for all.

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