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Instructions for registering New Track & Field Records
(Updated to cover 2019 Licensing arrangements)

Changes were made in 2019 by UKA where the pyramid system was replaced with a two-level licence application, this means we have had to revise how best to operate with the new system.

International Games and International Matches and Masters European and World Championships (MAJOR) may be ratified from the information provided by their hosts – note that neither EMA nor WMA pass their results onto the BMA Records Coordinator, this will need to be actioned by the athlete. The same will apply to International and British Championships and IAAF (WA) Meetings held in the UK. It would be most helpful if competitors could advise the Records Coordinator of such success by email please!

UKA licence levels to cover events held in the UK

LICENCE LEVEL TWO: Details should be notified to the Records Coordinator, who will check the information supplied is correct , and the criteria for a record has been met. They will then ratify the application or advise should this not be possible.

LICENCE LEVEL ONE: Records in other competitions can only be ratified if a track or field event record form has been filled in and signed by the appropriate officials. Please note the forms have been updated to include a licence level box.

The application must be supported by the official result, Photo finish picture, and ZCT# (Gun Test) or a copy of the Field event card. Remember the wind card would also be required for Horizontal Jumps should this not be available on the official result.

When entering a TRACK event, please ensure that when a organiser “States fully Electronic Timing”, they are aware that the system used needs to be correctly aligned (IAAF/UKA rule 165). # That is to say a zero control / gun test must be made and a copy made available to any one setting a British, European or World Masters record. We cannot accept record applications without a copy of the control test! with the documents specified on the application form!

Make sure you have a British Masters Track & Field Record Application form with you and once completed send it off to the Records Coordinator via email or post as soon as possible after the event.

Summary of required forms (click to download):

All European and World Masters records, set outside of their Championships can only be ratified on receipt of the appropriate record application form which is to be found on the EMA and WMA websites respectively – see above. There is also a link to both at the top of this note. The forms MUST be sent to the BMAF Records Coordinator.

Examples of Major Events:
• EMA and WMA track & field championships
• Olympics, World, European championships, Commonwealth Games
• IAAF meetings both home & abroad
• British championships
• GB International Matches home and abroad

Examples of Licence level Two:
Examples of meetings at which potential British Masters records need to be communicated to the Records Coordinator who will verify that the performances meet the desired standard to be ratified as a British Masters Record
• BMAF track & field championships (RECORDS COORDINATOR PRESENT)
• England, Scottish, Wales and Northern Ireland Championships (inclusive of Masters Championships, should they be administered by these Countries)
• Celtic International
• Counties Athletic Union Championships
• Area Championships (North, Midlands and South)
• BUCS Championships
• BMAC Elite & Grand Prix meetings
• Loughborough University (LEAP and International matches)
• Scottish District Championships

Examples of Licence level One (#):
Examples of meetings requiring a British Masters Record Application form, with the necessary required documents.
• BMAF area Leagues
• BMAF Club Championships
• EAMA Inter Area
• NAL Leagues
• Area and County Leagues
• County Championships
• BMC Academy & Regional Meetings
• BIG Meeting
• Open Meetings
• Trophy Meetings
• Inter County Meetings
• Event Specific Festivals
• Scottish National League
• Any other UK athletics meeting with a UKA Licence level One

# It is possible that a Meeting within the level One group may be awarded a level Two Licence. If that is the case email the Records Coordinator with the details.

Instructions for registering new Run or Walk Best Performance:

The criterion for either Road Run or Road Walk best performances are detailed in the application forms.
The (2 part) forms are British Masters Road Run/Road Walk Best Performance Application form

Please note that, currently, neither EMA nor WMA recognise Chip timing. Where possible, always include the GUN time of your event.

The distances recognised for the Run are:
• British Masters recognise Bests for both Metric and Imperial distances.
• European Masters at present recognise 10k, Half Marathon & Marathon.
• World Masters Athletics at present only recognise Marathon records set on Road Courses.

The distances recognised for the Walk are:
• British Masters Bests Recognise F.A.T or H.T and Transponder timing for Track Race Walks: 20,000m; 30,000m, 50,000m.
Whilst Road Race Walks recognise F.A.T or H.T or T.T: 5km; 10km; 20km; 30km & 50km.
Note that Walks at 3,000, 5,000 & 10,000 should be claimed via our Track and Field (T&F) Records form.
• European Masters at present recognise Road Walks; 10k, 20k & 30k.
• World Masters Athletics at present only recognise records set on Road Courses. Walks 10k, 20k & 50k.