Track Relay Best Performances

These lists update the work done by David Burton up to 2002 for club relay teams and continued by Glen Reddington.  Based on accurate data from David on longer standing performances the national list has been extended to give all time listings. The club teams list extends to about 20. If you are aware of any omissions or have amendments or additions please send them with verifiable details to For individual event lists see the rankings page on Power of 10.

Men 4x100m Men 4x200m Men 4x400m Men 4x800m
Women 4x100m Women 4x200m Women 4x400m Women 4x800m

Best performances by clubs in the events 4 x 1500m and 4 x 1 mile are not shown because they are no longer included in any competitions, but the information is still available if needed.