Written by Bridget Cushen on 9/8/2015

News from WMA outdoor championships – Days 2-3

On Friday the final of the men’s and women’s 5000m track and some track walks were scheduled to avoid the midday sun, but by 10.30 the temperature was already a sizzling 34°. British Masters took their fair share of the medals in meritorious times with virtually all finishing their race.

After numerous heats and semis, British Masters sprinters did likewise in the 100m in the main stadium.  80 men turned up for the M50 sprint; there were 75 in the M40 group including the defending champion, but it was the tall SCVAC Tam. Ossai who achieved one of the most decisive victories in 10.98sec. Brandi Bernert, USA, the defending W35 surprisingly also lost her title.

Alan Leiper’s 7720pts in the M55 Decathlon is, subject to confirmation, superior to John Charlton’s long standing British Record. There were PBs galore particularly by those experiencing their first World Championships.

Beijing-bound M50 David Heath and the M40 800m World Record holder, Tony Whiteman, are in pole position after their heats and semis for their finals on 9th.

The full results are available on the website here.

The Opening Ceremony was performed by Bernard Ansalem, President of French Athletics, and WMA President, Stan Perkins, in front of invited VIPs and packed Stands. The Walker, Fiona Bishop, carried the British Flag in the parade of the 98 participating countries.

Saturday was a rest day for the athletes and a much needed one for the Officials, it was also a very wet day and a comfortable 26° as Delegates attended the Regional, Stadia, Non-Stadia, Women’s Meeting etc.

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