Opportunity to participate in tests on your heart

General – Written by Arthur Kimber on 25/05/2017

Do you regularly run, swim or cycle and have been doing so for more than 10 years?

Would you like to volunteer for tests on your heart?

The Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions and Sports Cardiology at St George’s Hospital, in South London, is currently researching the cardiac effects of long term high endurance exercise in older athletes. We are enrolling healthy male or female volunteers with no history of heart disease, smoking or diabetes. The study involves three hospital visits each lasting 2 hours to St Georges Hospital, Lewisham Hospital (South London) and the Bart’s Heart Centre (Central London). Each volunteer will be offered an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, cardiopulmonary exercise test (VO2 test), cardiac MRI, cardiac CT and a 24 hour heart monitor.

See attachment here for more details

If you are interested to particpate or would like further information please contact:

         Dr Stathis Papatheodorou           email: spapathe@sgul.ac.uk             Tel: 020 8725 5651


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