At this weekend’s indoor championships, we plan that you can get the results of your events as soon as they happen. You have become accustomed by seeing the track results appearing on the big screen immediately, but now they will also appear on your smartphone or tablet via the Live Events section on the BMAF website home page or direct to OpenTrack

Furthermore we will be capturing some of the field events throw by throw and jump by jump.  In due course this will be done by the officials on each event but until they become experienced with the technology, we need volunteers to help.  This can be done by athletes when not competing, their friends/family members or anyone who is familiar with using an iPad or a smartphone.  Anyone who would like to help should come to the results area and I will give you a brief demonstration of what to do and when/where to do it.  We will provide the iPad’s if you don’t bring your own.  Refreshments will also be available to anyone assisting in this way.

it would also be highly appreciated if anyone can spare an hour to help out at the athlete registration desk at some time during the weekend.  Once this  role is covered, we could also setup a “medals desk” for presentation of the medals won at the recent South of England Masters indoor championships, which we were unable to give out at the time.   If you are wiling to help, please let Maurice Doogan know by email or on arrival.

Peter Kennedy
BMAF IT Manager
Contact on the day: 07808 033532

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