This event is attracting a large number of entries and a lot of the interest is triggered the competitive spirit of masters athletes. The certificates to be awarded to the winning teams and individuals are therefore a key part of the event and should be worthy of the effort athletes have made to compete. We hope the certificates will live up to this promise and so we are seeking ideas for the certificate from anyone with an artistic bent. The prize for the winning design will be a copy of the book “Chasing Gold” published by the British Olympic Association.

The design should fit on an A4 sheet in landscape orientation as an electronic picture (Powerpoint slide or jpg file) in colour which we can overlay in an MS Word document with the text indicating each winner’s details. A copy of the British Masters Athletics logo should be included in the top two corners of the picture as part of the design.

There will be separate versions of the certificate for sub-competitions for those from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with their logo replacing the 2nd British Masters Athletics logo in the top right corner.

Please submit your design no later than 13th June and the winner will be announced when the competition ends on 20th June.

Peter Kennedy
BMAF IT manager

By admin