My name is Lyn and a few years ago in a moment of madness, I decided to take up Masters Athletics. I have had so much fun and done a lot better than I thought I would.

However, just over a year ago, out of the blue, I got the devastating news I had stage 4 lung cancer. I decided to chart my journey in a journal, which I have now turned into a book. The book starts with a brief life history and then moves onto my journey with athletics. It then moves onto the Covid 19 crisis, and the diagnosis of lung cancer. It explains in some detail the journey I went on from diagnosis, treatment, and all of the things that went wrong!!!! And boy there was a lot. And all of this through a pandemic!!!!

Some of it is very funny, some not so. Through a positive mindset, and determination, I managed to get through everything but it wasn’t easy. My cancer cannot be cured but is treatable, and at the moment I have a good quality of life.

The hope for the book is that it might be inspirational to someone who is going through the same journey I’ve been on, or it may be someone who is caring for someone in my position, or anyone that just needs a bit of inspiration. The book is now available through Amazon, with all profits being split between Macmillan, Cancer research and my local hospice.I thank you in anticipation for your support. I am still on treatment at the moment, and it is going well.

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