Those who run on tarmac will have read that the BMAF 5K Championships, incorporated into the Horwich Festival of Sport has been cancelled.

A big disappointment to all, the LOC could not promote the Festival due to a lack of sponsorship.

However, the BMAF are determined to promote a 5K. It looks as though we now have an opportunity to build on the success of the 5K event we promoted in 2021, and that could be in the North of England in the Autumn.

Those eager to prove their fitness will now have the opportunity to participate in the Festival of Sport at Tenby on the 3rd of July where a 5K, 10K and a Half Marathon will be promoted with an international buzz.

England and Wales will select teams for all 3 distances, and the Half Marathon will also be the BMAF Championships .

For those who have English qualification status this link will advise.

Welsh Athletics have their own selection policy and are driving the challenge. I am sure masters in Wales are fully aware of the event .

Those affiliated to a masters club will only pay £30 to enter the BMAF Championship; a £10 reduction.

There will be a small additional charge if you need transport to the start in Pembroke.  

Half Marathon entries are live on Opentrack now. It is advisable to enter as soon as possible as entries need to close early.

The BMAF Road Team