Invitation to participate in the study

General – Written by Arthur Kimber on 05/02/2017

The school of Sport, Excercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham is conducting a research project on how lifelong exercise preserves musle health and function in older athletes compared with non-exercising individuals of the same age.

They are seeking male athletes over 60 who are either endurance runners or power-lifters, training at least two times per week for 20 years or more.  They want healthy, non diabetic, non-smokers only.

You will undergo:

  • 2 testing visits to the University of Birmingham
  • Assessment of body composition (amount of fat and muscle), muscle strength and aerobic fitness
  • A single muscle biopsy to determine muscle fibre properties

You will receive reimbursement for travel

For more information contact James Mckendry: or 07879 332731

The full participant information sheet is attached here

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