As part of the ongoing modernisation of BMAF, the team managers for Torun have been appointed. The managers will share the load of behind the scenes administration with regard to facilities, rules, doping, team selections and appeals. They will all be located in or around the stadium itself for the full duration.

The lead team manager will be Kay Reynolds. Kay was the lead team manager last year for the EMA Track and Field championships in Pescara. Kay recently relinquished her role as the BMAF Track & Field Secretary, and with that experience will be well suited to deal with any issues arising. She is still an active level 4 field official with experience at World championships and Commonwealth Games in addition to being a club team manager, coach and athlete herself.

Derek Warn was also a team manager in Pescara where he primarily dealing with field events. Derek will be building his experience in other areas to add to his level 2 field qualification. Derek also has 25+ years of competition experience including multi-events in international championships. He has also been a club team manager for many of years.

Joining the team is Dean Richardson. Dean has performed as the midlands team manager at the England Inter-area indoor Championships. Dean is an experienced middle distance track, road and cross country athlete who has competed at several Masters international championships winning golds at european and world level.

Walking events will have Ian Richards acting as a point of reference with regard to walking rules and judging protocols.

A note from Glenn Reddington on the conduct of the Championships

Dear Athlete

If you have not competed abroad before you should definitely read the following. If you have competed abroad, it is recommended that you read this as a reminder.

1 Athlete Handbook (current version dated 7/3/24 )

It has all the useful and important information you need like when and where to get your bib number and current version of the final timetable.  Start at page 14, skip the stadium and courses etc that don’t apply to you.  The handbook is available at Or via

2 Competing 

Remember – getting your number does not mean you can perform in your event(s).  You have to confirm for the event(s), either in person at the TIC or online by 6pm the day before the event(s) you want to do.  If you fail to declare by the stated time, you will not be able to compete.

Online confirmation – You will have had text or email with a pin to let you login and confirm for your event(s).  EMA say you, if you confirm and then choose not to you should unconfirm.  If you don’t get a pin number via text or email then you will have to confirm manually.

3 Paperwork 

You are strongly advised to have photocopies of:  

1. Your passport.  As proof of your identity to collect your accreditation and possible selection for doping control.

2. Your TUE and/or a list of any medication and dose.  As proof you have approval for use if doping control ask for it.

3. Your Medical/travel insurance.  Just like you would do if traveling internationally, check Track and Field athletics is covered.

4. Your EHIC/GHIC card, this means you should not be billed for emergency treatment. 

5. Your lost credit/devbit card phone number.

Put all of these in your kit bag with your competition kit that you will carry as hand luggage because your main bag might get lost.

4 Competition Kit  

EMA are currently beginning to enforce the wearing of correct national competition kit.  For now the top is the important part of the check, you should wear the current BMAF vest/crop top/long sleeve top.  Ideally, for medal ceremonies, BMAF approved track suits or your competition kit should be worn, .

5 Travel and transport 

Team manages will not be dealing with your travel and/or accommodation.  Your accreditation will provide free travel on public transport, buses and trams.

6 Call room  

In all cases there will be a time window to report/assemble for your event.  All track events will operate through a call room. Check where your call area is and the time you have to report by.  Full details in the athlete handbook.  Any event clashes discuss with the team managers ahead of time.

7 Doping Control  

Should it be your fist time, or not, you may wish to have a companion you choose to accompany you, make the person known to the doping officer. Same gender Team managers can accompany you if necessary. Prohibited substances (it’s your responsibility to check). DRO website, doping procedures can be found at:  

8 Track Relay selections 

If you want to be included for selection you will need to sign the paper list on the noticeboard which will have a deadline to sign by.  Details at for a good read.

9 Non Stadia teams 

Natural teams will operate as normal.  For composite teams, there will be a form on the notice board to sign up to.

10 Security 

Stadium access for spectating has been free and not been restricted.  You will need your accreditation to access warmup and call room areas.

11 Team managers & communication

The team managers are: Kay Reynolds, Derek Warn, Dean Richardson.

Team Manager contact number:: +44 (0)7 774 298 455  (7am – 10pm from 16 – 23 March).

Texts only please, these will be replied to during these hours.

Team Manager email:

Team management will NOT use Facebook “Team GB Masters EMA Indoor Torun 2024”

And the GBNI noticeboard will also be in use.

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