AI generated image of a well muscled older athlete on a massage table with a masseuseAI generated image of a well muscled older athlete on a massage table with a masseuse

Carole Filer, 7 Tapton Bank, Sheffield, S10 5GG

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Dear Athlete

European Masters’ Athletics Indoor Championship, Torun 17­ – 23 March 2024

We will be taking at least four therapists to Torun (Nicky Nicol being in overall charge), some of whom will be at the British Indoor Champs at EIS (pentathlon) and Lee Valley.   All of the therapists going to Torun will be fully insured and will have experience in treating masters’ athletes.  The ‘rolling fund’ for the overseas champs is boosted by the £15 per treatment charged at the British Champs. 

The team will usually work from approx 9.00 am through to approx 6.00 pm – with a lunch break, and will be positioned, hopefully, in the same position as last year on the concourse near the café.  They will do their utmost to accommodate athletes at times outside the norm once the timetable for Torun is posted.  The team will be available from the first day of competition:  Sunday 17 March. 

The cost for  Torun is £50, which we say is non-refundable.   However, we have always been very flexible and, if you are unable to travel and contact me – preferably two weeks prior to the competition – then we will refund your money. This will entitle you to a maximum of three treatments, ie chiropractic/massage/physio.  Rather than increase the cost to athletes, it was acknowledged that some athletes never take advantage of four treatments.  This still works out at less than £17 per treatment.  If further treatments are required, there will be a charge of £20 per treatment.  Genuine, acute injuries will always take precedent over someone just wanting a pre or post-race massage.  As for all previous competitions, the team will always treat an emergency.  If you signed up for Pescara and did not use any of your treatments, then the cost for Torun will be reduced to £35.  We have recognised that some athletes prefer to pay ‘as and when’ and, if capacity allows and is not detrimental to those who have already pre-registered, the team will treat GB & NI and Irish ‘walk-ins’, the cost of which will be 25 euros per treatment.

You can pay direct to the bank account (preferred method) or by cheque.  If paying by cheque, please make your cheque payable to ‘British Masters’ Medical Services’ and post to me at the above address.  It would be really helpful if you could please add your age group, event(s) and contact details.  Please do NOT send recorded or special delivery.  Alternatively, you can pay direct to BMMS bank account.  Pleasemessage me (details above) and I will provide you with account details (these have not changed), but I need to know your name, age group and eventsso I can add you to the medical list and treatment sheets.   Closing date is:

SUNDAY 18 FEBRUARY 2024 (British Champs, Lee Valley)

NB: you still have to arrange your own health insurance cover

I hope the majority of you will support British Masters’ Medical Services (completely separate from the BMAF), as it is non-profit making, run by athletes for athletes.  All monies collected supports the medical team – they are all volunteers – in getting to the competition.  Their accommodation and flights are covered and, should we have enough in the account, then they may receive some allowance towards food costs.  Our ethos has always been to keep the cost affordable for the majority.

Many thanks                             

Carole Filer                                

Hon Secretary

British Masters’ Medical Services