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Track – Written by Bridget Cushen on 19/10/2016

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A General Assembly is held during the World Masters Athletics Track & Field Championships. In Perth it will take place on Sunday 30 whilst you may be away sightseeing. The five BMAF Delegates, Arthur Kimber, Ian Richards, Archie Jenkins, Mike May and myself will be voting on your behalf on the following Proposals. If you have any comments/suggestions or indeed objections, don’t keep them under your hat, let us know by clicking on Contacts above and emailing or Text us:

With effect from 1 January 2017

Proposal 1. Removing the Marathon from the T & F Championships and instead include it in a suitable open marathon.  The half marathon will remain as part of the Championships.

Reason:  organisational problems in the host city, Organising Committee etc.

Proposal 2. WMA propose that the 10,000m be taken out of the track and holding a 10km on the road instead.

Reason:  Creating programming problems and the amount of time needed to run all age categories. The 10k on the road would allow for more scheduling flexibility etc.

WMA Indoor Championships

Proposal 3. WMA propose removing the half marathon and substituting a 10km road run. This would be effective from January 2018 and will not affect Daegu.

Reason: Feeling that a 10km is better for the indoor environment, the weather varies, snow ice etc.

Proposal 4. Race Walking: The 3km to be removed from the Indoor. A 3km road walk be held, it will not be a team event.

Proposal 5. The cross-country to be reduced from 8km to 6km for the 70+ age categories.

Torun is bidding to host the 2019 Indoor Championships and two cities, Gothenburg and Toronto are bidding for the 2020 Track & Field Championships. Both hosted excellent Championships before, Toronto in 1975 and Gothenburg in 1977.  The Delegates will however be influenced by the facilities offered.

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