Changes to WMA Stadia Championships events

General – Written by Bridget Cushen on 11/11/2016

The following changes were made on future Championships events at the biennial General Assembly in Perth:

A WMA Proposal to remove the 3km walk from the Indoor Championships was withdrawn. From 2019 there will be a new 5km Road Walk also at the Indoor Championships. BMAF Delegate Ian Richards is delighted with the outcome.  The marathon is being removed. WMA is looking for an alternative way of putting on a marathon, possible incorporation in an existing marathon (7 votes against). With effect from 1 January 2017 a Half Marathon will be included in WMA Stadia Championships.

A 10km Road Race will be included in future WMA Indoor Championships for all ages, it will be a Team event. The Half Marathon is removed as a required event at the Indoor Championships effective 1 Jan 2017. (Please note the Organiser has the option to include the Half with the 10km, or run it separately, or not at all).

The Proposal to remove the 10,000m from the Stadia Championships effective from 1 Jan 2017, brought much discussion. Archie Jenkins speaking on behalf of the BMAF argued for its retention. Voting: in favour of the Proposal (removing) 68, Against 38.

The Proposal that the Over 75 run 6km cross-country effective 1 January 2018, was Carried. We put forward an Amendment that it be changed to 65-plus, seconded by the Cz Delegate, was defeated.

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