Call for healthy volunteers to help

General – Written by Peter Kennedy on 29/12/2016

Gareth Jones, a researcher at King’s College London, as contacted the BMAF about work that he and colleagues carrying out to help stroke victims. Full details are attached. 

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He is looking for healthy volunteers to assist in the study by repeating some simple exercises that the stroke victims may have trouble fulfilling so that they have benchmarks for analysis of the differences in performance.  The volunteers need to be of a similar age, height and weight as the strke victims they are working with. 

In the first week of January there are three sessions a day planned for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. After that for the rest of January at the same times on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  If this is inconvenient, it may be possible to arrange weekend and evening appointments.

One problem: only very limited travelling expenses, from within London zone 3, will be paid.  If you wish to help but live outside London, you will have to cover the rest of the travle costs yourself.

We hope that BMAF athletes would be willing to help this project and Arthur Kimber is the first to commit himself to volunteer. 

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