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General – Written by Paul Baldwin on 28/04/2017

Dr Charles Eugster, the best-selling author and record-breaking athlete, has died in London at the age of 97.  His publicist confirmed he passed away Wednesday evening from complications following heart failure.

Born in 1919, he died the current World Masters World Record Holder at M95+ 200m indoor and 400m outdoors.  During the past decades, he also broke many records in World Masters rowing, and held numerous World Strenflex titles.  He was in high demand around the world as an expert on aging and as an inspirational speaker, sharing his insights and understanding of the benefits of an active old age, as well as making a huge number of media appearances. His first book, Age is Just a Number, was published earlier this year, which he promoted with the catch phrase: “you are never too old to try something new”.

His son, Andre, spoke briefly to say “We fully supported Dad in his endeavours and aside from our personal loss it is so sad that he passed away at the height of his success.  He wanted to inspire the world.”

David Tarsh, of Tarsh Consulting who represented Charles, added, “We, along with everyone who knew Charles, are incredibly sad to lose such a truly inspirational figure.  He has shown, by remarkable example, how fantastic life can be in older old-age.  It has been a privilege to work with and learn from Charles”.

There was nothing genetically special about Charles.  His understanding of the ageing process, and the lifestyle he adopted to ensure his ongoing physical and mental well-being, is something everyone can aspire to.  He passionately believed that continuing physical and mental activity into the later years of life provides incalculable benefits to individuals and to society as a whole.

Charles never sought physical immortality but he wanted to “change the world” to make advanced old age a different experience… one that could be exciting, useful and fulfilling.  At this, he led by example and magnificently over-achieved until the very end of his remarkable life.  His legacy, however, will live on having inspired thousands around the world.

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