The BMAF website has now been simplified and redesigned for the front page to be dedicated to news, whilst all the other functions for fixtures, results, records, photos and more are on the menus.  You can submit news and feedback, using the News / Submit menu option.

The top half of the website contains links to all the BMAF regional associations, area clubs and business partners.

The Facebook icon links to the member group “The British Masters Athletics Federation” Facebook”, provided that you have a Facebook account.

The Twitter icon links to the BMAF Twitter page, provided that you have Twitter account

The most recent news items are listed on the front but all past news items since before 2013 are available in the news archives.  The news items will stay statics unless there are a constant stream of contributions, not only from the BMAF officers, but from area clubs officers and any members or visitors on reports, news of other members and interesting stores.  We will publish a list of the most frequent contributors so that their efforts are acknowledged.

The link to OpenTrack for your membership management and competition entries is via the “Members/Guests” menu option.

The webpages should work equally well on PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones, but let us know if there are any difficulties.

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