written by Peter Kennedy on 19/06/2017

The BMAF Executive sees the need to increase communications with members on both past and forthcoming BMAF national and international events and  other events and stories likely to be of interest to members.  These communications should be on all forms of media (website, email, social media, bmaf2017/magazines). Volunteers with journalistic or communications skills would be most welcome.

We are now looking for members to come forward and provide reports on events they attend, no matter whether they were a competitor, official or spectator, as well as inspirational stories.  This will ensure that the re-launched BMAF website meets it objectives of reporting on what is happening throughout the UK in masters athletics and inspiring more people to take up or resume competitive athletics, no matter what age they have reached.  This will be done in cooperation with the Editor of Masters Athletics but much of the content is expected to come from the area clubs and their members. Area clubs can also pass on the articles that appear in their own newsletters and/or website so that they reach a wider audience.

In fact however most of the areas clubs also need volunteers to lead communications with their members on a frequent and proactive basis  in order to increase the number of area events members are competing in and indirectly attract new members.

At the BMAF level, we need more volunteers to help execute communications plans for specific events, for the season’s events for a specific discipline (track & field, road, cross-country and walks) or other campaigns which will bring in more BMAF members.   This assumes a special importance as the partnership with Athletics Weekly is unlikely to succeed in having more participants in masters athletics competitions unless we are fulfilling our side of the partnership in communications with our current and potential members.


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