For the 43rd Annual General Meeting of British Masters Athletic Federation to be held on Saturday 24 June 2017 in the Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2LR commencing at 17.30.
1. Welcome and Opening of the AGM

2. Adoption of the Minutes of the 42nd Annual General Meeting held on 17 September 2016, attached. (Pages 1-5).

3. President’s address

4. To Adopt the attached Reports from the following Officers:
Arthur Kimber, Chairman
Bridget Cushen, Honorary Secretary
David Oxland Acting Honorary Treasurer
Mel James, Cross-Country Secretary
Walter Hill, Road Running Secretary
Ian Richards, Race Walking Secretary
Peter Duhig, Overseas Entries Co-Ordinator
Peter Kennedy, BMAF IT Manager
300 Club, Chris Jager
Editor, Masters Athletics, Paul Smith
Publicity/Advertising, Bridget Cushen
To receive a Summary on Track & Field from the Executive

5. To Re-Elect the following Officers:
President: Paul Dickenson
Chairman: Arthur Kimber, SCVAC
Honorary Secretary: Bridget Cushen, SCVAC
Cross-Country Secretary Mel James, Welsh Masters AA
Road Running Secretary Walter Hill & Asst. Secretary David Beattie, SCVAC
Race Walking Secretary Ian Richards, VAC
Publicity/Advertising Bridget Cushen, SCVAC

6. To confirm the appointment of the following:
Peter Duhig, (EMAC) Overseas Entries Co-Ordinator
Peter Kennedy, (VAC) IT Manager
Alex Rowe, (NMAC) Assistant IT Manager
Brian Owen, (MMAC) Statistician and Bruce Hendrie (Relays)
Paul Smith, (NIMAA) Editor of Masters Athletics
Chris Jager, (SWVAC) 300 Club
Hon. Legal Adviser: Walter Nicholls

7. Proposal from the Executive that Ian Richards VAC be elected Vice-Chairman, Policy & International Affairs.

8. Proposal from the Executive that David Oxland, EMAC be elected as Honorary Treasurer.

9. Elect a Track & Field Secretary
No nominations received.

10. To make the following amendment to the Constitution 3.
Delete “Eastern Veterans Athletic Club” and substitute “Eastern Masters Athletic Club”.

11. Date of next Meeting.

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