Stadium Birmingham

Author: Maurice Doogan

A note from Maurice:

I  have now been to Alexander Stadium to meet up with the Stadium Management Team and re-acquaint myself with the existing facilities.

It has now been confirmed, that no enabling works will be progressed before our Championships, which should be fairly obvious, as there is a Diamond League meeting and the British Trials for the World Championship on Doha later in the year, following our championships. But I needed to be officially told that, before committing to the Throws Events in the Provisional Timetable posted for this Championship.

Where the speculation started that this Championship could be cancelled or events moved from one day to another, is a concern, as it appears to be Facebook ‘rumours [alternative facts]’ being treated as facts, where 2+2 makes 5, and in denial of the stated advice. So the actual facts are that the provisional Field Timetable will remain [the additional advise will be amended in the next day or so] exactly as it is.

But please be aware the Provisional Timetable is based on last year’s entry numbers. Entries will vary this year, as they do every year, so some movement of some age groups will occur to keep the numerous pools to workable numbers, for the benefit of both athletes and officials, but the vast majority of them, as usual, will be well under an hour.  Where we have to move them by more than an hour, on the same day [none will move to the other day] the affected athletes will be notified via e-mail,  before the Final Timetables and Athletes Instructions get e-mailed to all athletes.

We want you to compete to your potential, which must not be compromised by ‘unworkable’ sized pools, which is to no-one’s benefit.

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