Author: Maurice Doogan

Like you all, I have been frustrated by the complacency and ineptitude of the whole organisation for this Championship. Where it appears more important to post photos of memorabilia, glossary’s and Athletes Party on BMAF’s Jesolo Facebook Group pages. This is rather than Official postings on the LOC website [that has not been updated since 8th May] about really important matters like Accreditation and Confirmation times, details of the proposed changes to the transport from Airports and Railway stations to the three towns hosting this Championship. Even a basic outline of the proposal of how the Shuttle buses between the three stadiums will work, especially for the first and last events.

Because of that I have now fired of a two page massive to the EMA Council, demanding action on matters that I had raised with them before the Site Visit at the beginning of May. These earlier raised issue’s, cover all concerns posted by athletes on the above Facebook Group pages.

The wording is not totally ‘pc’ as we are beyond that, so have stressed this is a disaster in the making, with the probability of the smallest British Entry for a European based Championship for decades.

To be honest it has never been any different, they have all been problematical, but athletes could always get round those problems by using public transport in the city involved [sorry exclude Zittau in that], but here the alternatives are not workable alternatives, which is why WMA rejected their proposal years ago.

I have now had a response from Kurt Kaschke, who will garner the various responses to the queries, and get then posted on an Official website. No timeline is given or exactly which Official website they will use.

However, these matters are back in the EMA Council’s court, which they now have to seriously address, with only three weeks left to the close of entries date. This for some of you, unfortunately will be too late, so save your pennies for Braga, Madeira or Toronto.

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