Author: Jessica Piasecki

Following on from Jessica’s recent Olympic Marathon Performance in Florence a few weeks ago. We wanted to feature more on her research role with Notts University.

Some of you may know about the research with the masters athletes at Manchester Met, we are now carrying out further studies based in Nottingham. There are a few studies available, aimed at people aged 60 years at above, that could be of interest to you.

These are around investigating the effects of caffeine and self-control on performance and another few studies that focus on neuro-muscular investigations comparing the physically active to the less physically active.

For both of these studies if people are interested in taking part they please contact Jessica via: who can provide you with further detail. Please note you don’t necessarily have to have taken part in the Manchester study, but can be new to participating as well as having previously taken part. More details of the research are given on the BMAF Health & Well-Being webpage.

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