News Flash !!!!

BMAF members take seven of the sixteen available European Best Masters Awards. 

We all compete because we are all young at heart and value being fit and healthy, it does not matter whether you are at the derriere the field; you are fitter that your peer on the street.  But when your hobby takes you to the top, isn’t it that much more rewarding?  That is where the following members now find themselves, top of their sport at the end of the year.

Our Congratulations To:

Noel Blatchford SCVAC W70. 

The Graham Chapman coached Abingdon Walker captured the European Masters Athletics 10/20km Race Walks in 61.37/2.25.58sec in Jesolo, enough to impress the Award Judges that it was the best female track performance.

Donald Brown (MMAC)

He may now be in the 55 age category and very much working for his living, but he can still set the tracks ablaze over 60/100/200m, finishing his year with a 60m Indoor of 7.60sec. Don won the BMAF 60m/200m Indoor titles in Lee Valley and placed 3rd over 60m at the WMA Indoor Championships in Torun in 7.60sec last March.  He followed that up with British and European 100m titles; still clocking 11.73sec for his fastest of the year time over 100m. He took the European 100mH in Jesolo in 14.62sec.

Clare Elms, VAC, W55

What a year this versatile W55 and prolific racer has had, from competing for her UKA Club in the Southern League running 69.8sec over 400m, to running a Half Marathon in 92.11sec, leading her age group to victory in the annual British & Irish Masters International Cross Country in Liverpool last month; racing in our Road Relays in Sutton Park in May and returning home from the World Indoor in Torun and the European Track & Field in Jesolo as one of our most prolific medalist. 

Ian Richards, (VAC),

The Olympic Race Walker is not only still winning international titles, but his honesty has also brought international recognition to his sport.  After setting what was announced as a new world record in the M70 10km road walk in Jesolo, he diplomatically pointed out that he felt the course may be as much as 600m short and should be re-measured. He was right, it was indeed short and his finishing time with the 600m added, would have been about 52min and would have erased Arthur Thomson’s 53.32 current European Record from the books.  He could of course have kept quite, particularly after he got DG’d on the track after crossing the line first!  European Masters Athletics have now recognized his sportsmanship and awarded him the Torsten Carlius Fair Play Award as well as recognizing him as the Best Overall  Male Athlete of the Year.  Ian is also your elected Vice-Chairman and when not racing or training, his contribution to the work of the Executive Council is invaluable.

Evaun Williams, SCVAC W80.

Evaun also takes two separate Awards. She may be long retired from paid employment but like so many Parents and Grandparents where you have a working family, you are heavily relied upon to do the school run and care for lively young children. Maybe that is what keeps the octogenarian so fit!  She has been awarded Best Female Thrower of the Year and wins the Best Overall Trophy with it.