Sadly we will be seeing cancellations and postponements due to Covid -19.

This is the post on the EMA website

The Regional Government of Madeira has deliberated that all national and international sport events scheduled for the months of March and April, should be suspended or postponed.

This being said, we are forced to postpone both Championships.

The EMACNS will be held in Funchal on the 29, 30 and 31 October 2020.

The EMMTRC will be held in Porto Moniz on the 6 November 2020 for the Mountain and 8 November 2020 for the Trail Running.

EMA has agreed with these dates.

We will have new registrations deadlines. All of you that have already registered in these Championships, will still have their registrations valid for the new dates.

We are all very sad for these recent developments, but COVID-19 is a reality, and we all want to make sure everyone is safe and protected.

We want to welcome you all safely here in Madeira Island in October and November.

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