I was once on a training course when an experienced Coach engrossed his audience with his opening remarks, he said: “It is estimated that for every year you train; your body will reap the benefits in some form or other for another two years”. I have often reflected on that and experience has shown him to be largely correct. Many of us are still able to buy our same size clothing; we walk up the stairs, we do not struggle to carry our shopping etc despite tempis fugit. However, that is no guarantee against any illness, but it is true that a fit conditioned body recovers that much quicker.

We are all now in lock-down; that does not stop us from doing some form of training and maintaining that level of fitness ready to go when all is clear. You may use this time to work on weaknesses, mobility, strength etc. and the Web is awash with helpful videos etc. We have all at some time in our athletic career experienced set backs through injury, career or location change, but the lure of competing against your age peers, the stimuli of competition and the camaraderie is just irresistible. It is always there with plenty to look forward to whatever your age or level of fitness, whether you compete in Field events, sprints, the jumps or running, Masters athletics provides it.

Keep safe; keep fit!