MADEIRA UPDATE – Kurt Kaschke, the President of EMA, has advised that the published arrangements for the Non-stadia and Mountain and Trail Championships remain unchanged but the final decision lies with the Madeira Island Government. Madeira has one of the lowest infection rates in Europe with no 14 day quarantine requirement currently required on return to the UK. However, Madeira is part of Portugal where the rate is increasing and may go back on to the list countries where quarantine is required. Madeira was being treated separately but there is no guarantee that will remain the case. Attached is the procedural guidance for the event. Your attention is drawn to the statement that those over 65 do not participate but it is not mandatory. A Covid test will be required on arrival. You should also note the conditions imposed on the race which will mean this will not be “racing as usual”.

Ian Richards, BMAF Vice Chairman.

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