Indoor Champs on YouTubeIndoor Champs on YouTube

The recent Indoor Championships held at Lee Valley (results are here) were the first BMAF Championships to be streamed live on YouTube

Day 1 Can be found here

And Day 2 here

If you have followed the links you will have found that each video is about 8 hours long, which does make it a bit tricky to find the particular events you want to see. Here follows a tip about finding the bit you want, illustrated by examples that interest me.

On Day 1 I took part in the 60m hurdles race, event T03 which you can see from the image took place at 13 seconds past the 13th minute of the 13th hour. Never at any point did a black cat cross my path, nor did I walk under a ladder. I have established that to go to the very start of this race I can use the url

where the suffix t=6060 takes me to a point in the video 6,060 seconds after the start. Please try it. Just Click on the link.

Using this as an anchor point let’s assume I am also interested in race 2 of the M70 200m event T20

This is reported as having taken place at 15:50:14. Subtract 13:13:13 from 15:50:14 gives 2:37:01 , which in seconds is 2*60*60 + 37*60 + 1 = 8221. So we need to do an addition 8221 +6060 = 14280. But here we run into a problem. The video is not perfectly synchronised with YouTube’s timing, perhaps it has been edited, possibly with clips from two cameras. The url does not take us exactly where we want to be, but we do get a clue by looking at the clock on the far wall, where we can see we are about 10 minutes too soon. Add 600 to our dead reckoning and we get to where we (well, I at least) want to be the start of to M70 200m B race.

On day two I won’t work through all the calculations but give you a landmark well into the video being the start of the M35 60m which attracts my interest for my clubmate Asha Osei. This too took place shortly after 13:13, but on day 2.

It’s plain to see that I have enjoyed searching through the recordings and reviewing just how much better I could have done, if only . . . . I hope you do too.