nature setting for a runnature setting for a run

On the link between training and nature connection

Dear athlete,
Hi, my name is Kathleen Moeller, and I am a MSc Health Psychology student at the
University of Derby Online Learning.
I would like to invite you to take part in my study which aims to assess the impact of
training on nature connection and mental health in UK amateur long distance
Taking part will involve completing a two-part online questionnaire at three different
time points. The questionnaire comprises a total of 27 questions which should take
around 10-12 minutes to complete. The study will commence in April. Taking part will
not require any changes to your regular training sessions if you meet the eligibility
For full information on the study, including eligibility criteria, what is involved, and
how to contact me should you have further questions, please click on the following
I look forward to welcoming you to my study!
Kind regards,
Kathleen Moeller- Lead researcher
MSc Health Psychology programme

Professor David Sheffield- Supervisor
Professor of Psychology