300 Plus Club

The BMAF Executive have reluctantly decided to discontinue the 300 Plus Club. It was originally set up to allow members to provide additional financial support for “Masters Athletics”, with the possibility of winning a cash prize. Without this support the Federation would probably have been unable to continue publishing as it would have been a significant drain on its resources.

Over the years the magazine has evolved and methods of funding it have moved on. It has reached a stage where the income raised is not sufficient to justify the efforts involved in running the club. However the subscriptions of all those who have paid up will be honoured. Since May no new subscriptions have been collected. There will continue to be monthly draws until May 2019, but the total of prize money distributed will be reduced.

The BMAF Executive would like to put on record their grateful thanks to all those who have over the years contributed to the 300 Plus Club. Without their support “Masters Athletics” would probably not have survived and this vital means of keeping members informed would have been lost. We hope you feel that it has been worthwhile even if your number did not come up.