BMAF Services Limited

The company was incorporated on 20th December 2018 (company number 11736307) to promote and provide athletics championships for people over 35 under the guidance of the British Masters Athletics Federation.

The Directors and the statutory Company Secretary are the Members of the company who do not hold shares but instead provide a guarantee each of £1. Each BMAF Area Club also nominates one person to be a Member of BMAF Services Limited. The company receives the income from championship entries, covers all championship expenses and manages the stock of championship medals and other awards. The company is non-profit making and Members will not receive any dividends or share of the profits of the company.

Details of the Incorporation and the officers of the company are to be found at Companies House.

Contact details for the officers are to be found here

The company has a management team consisting of the BMAF Secretaries, viz Track and Field, Road, Cross Country and Walks, in addition to all the people who assist the Secretaries in promoting and organising the 30 or so championships which the BMAF provides each year.

Management accounts, including a breakdown by championship, will be provided to the Council meetings and the BMAF AGM each year.