The BMAF Brand

BMAF is undergoing change to make itself more inclusive, collaborative and friendly. As part of this change we want to hear from you about your masters athletics experiences. Please send your experiences to Adrian or James or let us guide you through our questionnaire

The BMAF Brand

One of the key things for any organisation is to decide what it is. BMAF is no exception and as part of that decision BMAF now has a defined brand. The key points are set out in this slide.

The BMAF Brand

Here on Masters Athletics UK, what we are looking to do is to inspire (bottom right on the slide) and to reinforce that feeling of friendship, community, and camaraderie (halfway down the left-hand side)

Your Stories

We want to do it by telling our stories, of how we came to be masters athletes, how we keep fit and improve our performances, and just exactly what it is we enjoy about athletics. We’d like to hear from the runners, jumpers, and throwers in track and field, and from walkers, road runners and cross country athletes.

We are planning a series of blogs telling those stories. So far we have a few about how some of us became members of vets clubs. One of our stories has been submitted by Adrian Day who has provided us with the brand definition.

But we need more. Do please send us your stories by email to Adrian or James or answer some or all of our questions.

The header image shows runner, jumpers, throwers and officials using pictures already published by BMAF.