Sports Creative have been appointed as BMAF’s new Official Kit Supplier …

Written by Maurice Doogan on 26/01/2015

Sports Creative have been appointed as BMAF’s new Official Kit Supplier and are to provide a new design for the full range of our International Kit in quality breathable materials. Unlike some of the rhetoric posted on an unofficial Facebook page, this did not happen overnight.

Masters athletes are not allowed to have use of the new Nike UKA Kit and we were not given access to Nike to provide us with something similar, so as previously we have had to go to non-main stream suppliers, as we have other limitations imposed on us.

BMAF therefore went through a painstaking process with various companies, all with active Masters athletes connections, who came up with numerous designs. These were tweaked, and we are still processing the final fit of the Womens items to ensure they complied with our exacting requirements. The Executive then selected the design that we now present to you, on Sports Creative website.

Now let me clarify the regulations concerning the new kit and the previous Bourne Sports Kit. Both designs will be designated and acceptable kit until after the WMA Championships in Perth in October 2016. After that, only the Sports Creative design will be the designated kit, you will have to use the old design for training purposes only.

The WMA Rules of Competition have a mandatory requirement that athletes wear a singlet or vest that is approved [designated] by their National Masters Body [BMAF]. However, as we have for some considerable time, Team Management expect all athletes to wear bottoms from the designated range, when competing. As the medal table in Budapest showed, we are the second best Masters Athletics TEAM on the planet. We therefore have a responsibility to dress appropriately as a member of a TEAM of that status, we are not a ‘mottly crew from Dad’s Army’ wearing mickey mouse shorts, and this is even more essential in team competitions.

Sports Creative have put numerous Bundles/Combo’s together at discounted prices, and I understand from Rick Beardsell, that items can be swapped for other same price articles, so under this mix and match arrangement you should be able to get all of what you want at a discount. However, that does not prevent you from just buying a vest as an initial purchase.

Sports Creative will be at Lee Valley for our Indoor Championships in March, for you to make purchases prior to going to Torun and/or Grossetto, if you have not already bought some kit on-line, or to make further purchases. Why not add some items to your Christmas present list, even if the Mr Claus delivery service has a belated arrival. I hear a certain AH is already working on this, assuming he has plenty of brownie points in his locker, to get an away day to Torun, not that I am suggesting others try that, but unless you ask you will never know.

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