Colin Watterson, chairman of IOMVAC, is standing down after 32 years service and is succeeded by Terry Bates

Written by Mo Kelly on 3/16/2015

The Chairman of the Isle of Man Veteran Athletes’ Club (Colin Watterson) has recently stood down after serving as Chairman of the club for more than 32 years.  The attached photo shows Colin (on the left) being presented with an award by Dursley Stott who is in his 24th year as President of the Club.  Colin was the longest serving Chairman of any Athletic Club in Great Britain and is regarded by all who know him not only as a sportsman but as a true gentleman.

As a founder member of the Isle of Man Veteran Athletes’ Club Colin Watterson took over chairmanship in 1982 and since then has missed only two of the monthly Committee Meetings and has rarely missed officiating at the club events.  He has always supported, encouraged and advised all athletes no matter what their ability and aspirations.

He is a font of information, rules and history. His commitment to the club was proven when he attended the Club AGM in 2007 when he had badly broken his foot earlier in the day and only agreed to go to hospital after the meeting closed.

Colin’s personal athletic achievements are numerous and varied covering Pentathlon, Cross Country, Fell Running, individual Track and Field events, Walking and Running events at various distances. This long-standing background in athletics provided him with the knowledge and wisdom to contribute and lead the Club.

Colin won his first athletic championship at Primary School in the first half of the last century, followed by more athletic awards at Secondary School and was the captain of a local football team.

Colin competed in the Pentathlon at the European Veteran Championships in Helsinki in 1980 and again in 1984 in Brighton and Crawley. In Helsinki he also competed in the High Jump and the 100 meters.

Colin also competed in the British Veterans Decathlon Championships at Loughborough University four times and twice at Cosford.

His local, Isle of Man achievements include:

  • 1972 Won New Year’s Day Cross Country
  • 1979 Member of the winning team in T.T. relay walk (veterans)
  • Twice Island Veteran Cross Country Champion
  • Twice Island Veterans Fell Running Champion
  • Island Veterans Champion at 100m, 200m, Long Jump, Triple jump, High jump, Javelin and discus.
  • Winner of the North Barrule fell race
  • Winner of the Douglas Street Mile  Twice (veterans)
  • Winner of the Western A.C. Cross Country league (veterans)
  • Winner of the Douglas Firemen’s league
  • Completed the Manx Mountain Marathon eleven times in eleven starts
  • Completed the Ind Coup Triathlon half mile swim, 40 mile cycle, 9 mile run.

The Chairmanship of the club has been taken over by Terry Bates.

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