Written by Bridget Cushen on 31/08/2015

Media coverage to masters exhibition races in the IAAF world championships 2015 poor to non-existent

Despite our lobbying all Media in the build up to the Masters races in Beijing and the BBC’s response to “this interesting story” saying they would be in touch, the best they could offer us was to ask us to tweet them and they would re-tweet and more people would be aware. So many of you were terribly disappointed. A wonderful opportunity to inform an increasingly obese nation slouching in front of their TV on a Saturday afternoon that a sporting life does not finish at 25 was missed by the BBC.  When their female Head was appointed, she publicly declared that she would ensure more coverage of women’s sport. What unique and wonderful role models Sally Read-Cayton and Virginia Mitchell are.

Complaints have been received on the apparent disparaging comments made by the Commentator, a former international athlete, on Eurosport during the 400m, which they covered. If you overheard these, please email me as we will be writing to both Channels to complain.  You can also voice your feeling directly via Facebook and Twitter

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