You can now read the first edition of the Veterans Athletics newspaper, which was published in June 1987. The publisher was Sylvester Stein, the chairman of the BVAF, and the editor was Jeremy Hemming.  We also have the next 20 editions for you to read in the BMAF Magazine archive here

The Tipton Harriers historian/archivist, Chris Holloway has converted these newspapers to digital format and given them to the BMAF to publicize. He says that they continued in A3 newspaper format until #39 in 1996 and he is on the lookout for a copy of them to add to his collection.  He is also missing some of the old editions of Masters Athletics magazine: # 62-64, 80, 83-103. Please contact me if you can help him with any of the missing issues.

Peter Kennedy
BMAF IT Manager

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