WMA has now introduced Awards for the Best Masters in each discipline in addition to their annual Best Masters Male and Female Athletes Award.
Our Statistician, Brian Owen, has spent hours trawling through results, records, PBs and studying the WMA criteria etc. and come up with the following names that we have now put forward to WMA for their consideration:
Sprints: Stephen Peters (MMAC), Jane Horder (MMAC)
Middle Distance: Guy Bracken (NEMAA), Angela Copson (MMAC)
Long Distance: Paul Mingay (EMAC), Angela Copson (MMAC)
Walks: Ian Richards (VAC), Noel Blatchford (SCVAC)
Jumps: James Hind (SWVAC), Wendy Laing (NMAC)
Throws: Evaun Williams (SCVAC), Guy Dirkin (NMAC)
Combined Events: Brian Slaughter (VAC) and Janet Dickinson (SWVAC)
Thorsten Carlius Fair Play Award: Jason Carty (SCVAC).
For the Best Overall Awards, Stephen Peters, arguably the best and most consistent Masters sprinter of all time, and we had some difficulty in agreeing the Best Overall Female, finally choosing Evaun Williams.
We congratulate them on their excellent performance and wish them every success. WMA should announce the winners shortly.
Bridget Cushen
December 2018

By admin