Author: Walter Hill

A city centre race which has a big race feel but its own unique buzz. A flat, traffic free course awaited the competitors with enough spectators present to help reduce the pain.

It was a good event where all the needs of the athletes were met.  Full Results can be found:

Looking to the future:

As preparing and racing a  Marathon  is a very tough experience we will return to  York  in 2020 to ensure we operate in liaison with England Athletics.

As many of our members are invited to run in the England vs Celtic Nations Masters International Challenge it makes sense for us to incorporate our Champs within their Challenge, thereby allowing you to run a spring  Marathon  with adequate time to recover for  York .

Personally Walter was impressed with  York and if you decide a Marathon is your next challenge in life, why not enter York and take advantage of the early bird offer at £45-00 which ends at midnight  on  Thursday 31st October 2019 .

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