After meeting with Management at Lee Valley yesterday and internal discussions within BMAF, it was decided that this event has to be cancelled. Under the latest EA Guidelines, the competitions on the track would be meaningless with only three athletes being on the track at any one time, and the field events being very lengthy and long periods between each throw/jump. You would get more competition at a small group training session.

Also the License application appears to be a ‘nightmare’ and Lee Valley are still finalising all their own Risk Assessments for competitions, as they only re-opened yesterday. The chances of an improvement to the current guidelines in the next two weeks, in current local lock-down climate, looks remote, and even if they do we then have no time to adjust our Risk Assessments and outline of the full outlines of the requirements all athletes would have comply with, before you enter. So sorry but we have no choice. However the November Indoor dates are still in the Lee Valley Diary, so let us hope for improvements over the next few weeks.

By admin